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Small businesses say they can’t afford to compete on Google

When asked by Google, Bryan Clayton made a familiar complaint among small business owners.

“They keep hitting the search results page,” said Clayton, CEO of GreenPal, a company that runs an app that helps homeowners find lawn care.

“As a startup, you don’t have a million dollar advertising budget.”

On October 20, the Justice Department sued Google for anticompetitive behavior, claiming the company’s dominance in online search and advertising harms competitors and consumers.

But owners like Clayton have a different meat. What is unfair with Google is the way it gives the highest priority to the companies that spend the most on advertising in search results.

Businesses look for the top spots in Google search results – the first page ranking and the top of subsequent pages. But when too many companies vie for one of these positions,

The cost can be out of reach for a small business, as can the price of prime-time television advertising.

Google controls about 90% of the world’s internet searches, a key point in the US government’s lawsuit against the internet giant.


Business owners concerns about advertising costs are not directly related to demand.

Although it has been claimed that the company’s dominance in the search market is a factor in the increase in the purchase price of ads on its vast digital marketing network.

But even though the prices were lower than now

large companies with more money to theoretically spend,

You can always outbid small businesses competing for the best ads on Google.

Be visible on Google for small business websites

Businesses have two ways to try to get their ads ranked well on Google:

Both are based on the amount they can bid for certain keywords that consumers use in their search.

An ad type is displayed at the top of search results pages.

The cost of the ads depends on the number of times a computer user clicks the ad and how much a company is willing to pay per click.

The more a company can afford, the more likely it is to get a top spot in search results.

Google offers different types of ads. Whether an ad runs locally or nationally can also affect price. You can also do this at the time of day an ad is shown.

There’s also something called paid search, where companies bid on keywords to rank higher in the top search results.

For example, a sports store may bid on words such as baseball and hockey in the hopes that it will rank higher in search results for those words and be better seen by customers searching for sports equipment.

The problem companies face is they can’t outperform their deeply pocketed competitors. Hence, a sports store that can only pay $ 2 per word would lose to stores that can pay $ 10.

Key Questions Big Tech CEOs will be out in Congress at 12:50 p.m.

Mark Aselstine spent up to $ 30,000 a year on Google advertising.

However, you’re not sure if your wine gift basket business can afford Google Ads this holiday season.

Expect the already competitive season to get even more intense this year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

More and more wine merchants are looking for customers on the Internet and using Google advertising to make themselves more visible.

Google small business web hosting

“I don’t think we’re going to have a single Google ad this year.

I suspect it will be outside of our price range, ”said Aselstine.

Owner of Uncorked Ventures, based in El Cerrito, California.

If Aselstine can’t pay Google, there are alternatives. Microsoft’s Bing search engine,

cheaper, but not as popular with computer users, it is.

Aselstine can also increase the usage of the free Google search.

As with the paid version, you want to use keywords in your ads that potential customers are likely to find.

Depending on the words you choose, you might get a good ranking even though you are still below ads and paid ads.

“Business expenses”

R.J. Huebert, who buys Google Ads on behalf of law firms, manufacturers, and a credit union that are his customers,

You can also see that the prices of the ads are increasing due to competition.

However, the owner of HBT Digital Consulting said, “I think it’s the cost of doing the business.”

Huebert, whose company is based in Pittsburgh, sees Google as an important tool for small businesses because of its reach.

And when people search on Google, they are already interested in a product or service.

They have something called high intent – a high probability of making a purchase.

And they are more likely to buy than someone who appears in an ad while scrolling on Facebook.

Google small business websites

Aselstine said he would advertise on Facebook and Instagram if he couldn’t afford Google, although he will likely get more sales from Google searchers.

“These people are more willing to buy that day,” he said. Big tech companies thrive in the 6:44 am crisis

Clayton, the CEO of GreenPal, spends about $ 100,000 annually on Google advertising.

That’s a lot for a small business (GreenPal has 23 employees), but Clayton lists home service giants Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor, which have much larger ad budgets than their competitors.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, GreenPal serves homeowners in most states and spends around $ 3 or $ 4 per click on ads.

Google Small Business Sites

But Clayton said, “It’s getting harder and harder to advertise, the price just keeps going up.”

Tommy Fang tried to promote his research business with Google a year ago, but the cost has far exceeded the business he was hoping for.

“We ran a couple of commercials and the economy just didn’t work for us,” said Fang, co-founder of Eureka Surveys in New York.

The company has a website where people can take surveys.

Google small business websites

Fang is looking for other opportunities, such as the advertising Apple sells for mobile devices.

However, Fang’s business of finding corporate survey participants has been focused on PCs, which people prefer to use to answer survey questions.

However, some small businesses are not ashamed of the rising prices.

Google advertising also makes sense for some of the clients of the Huebert law firm

They often spend between $ 8 and $ 12 per click and up to $ 35 because they can get their money back with just one case.

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